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Pliteq Engineers to Present at Inter-Noise in Melbourne

Pliteq Engineers will be presenting several papers at Inter-Noise in Melbourne from November 16-19. Papers will consider meeting code in heavy timber loft style construction, performance of next generation floating floor materials and measurement of structural vibration and decay rate with a heavy/ hard impact source.

Pliteq completes 400th test

We are please to announce that we have completed our 400th independent third party laboratory test report on Pliteq products. Over the years our innovative R&D projects have included analyses of acoustical performance, structural capacity, dynamic properties, etc. all per standards developed by ISO, JIS, ASTM and ANSI.

Pliteq Engineers to present at Noise-Con 2014

Several members of the Pliteq Engineering Group will be presenting technical papers at the Institute of Noise Control Engineering’s US National Conference (Noise-Con) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from September 8-10. The Engineers will be presenting papers on retrofit ceiling construction and heavy impact attenuation in fitness centers.The presentations will be

GenieMat UL Certified

As of last week you will find our GenieMat product line listed in the most frequently used L500 floor-ceiling assemblies. These include open web truss, engineered joist and solid wood joist assemblies. This means you will see more new acoustical tests soon for GenieMat applications “beneath gypsum concrete”.

Matt Golden joins the Pliteq team

Pliteq is delighted to announce the addition of Matthew Golden to the Pliteq team as Director, Research and Development. Matt is a graduate of the prestigious Penn State acoustics program and brings a wealth of technical experience in the acoustics field. He is uniquely qualified and positioned to be an

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