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Pliteq engineering featured in S&V Magazine this month

“Impact Isolation Tests of Variations in Open-Web Wood Truss Assemblies” is published in this months S&V Magazine. The article examines the effect on impact sound pressure level of changing channel spacing and adhering vs floating vinyl plank flooring.

GenieMat FAS achieves UL-Greenguard certification

Our family of GenieMat FAS adhesives are now UL-Greenguard certified. The three formulas (FAS, FAS-2, FAS-HM) offer a wide range of moisture vapour resistance, multiple installation methods to improve job site efficiency, resistance to plasticizer migration and now UL-Greenguard certification. The certificates can be found on the GenieMat RST product

GenieClip Mount now available

We have a new product that provides for isolated mounting of cabinets, TV’s, garage door openers, hand rails etc. The GenieClip Mount is now available and you can find technical data, specifications and installation instructions on the product page. There is also an acoustical analysis white paper by R&D director

Pliteq Next Generation Sound Control Formulation

As inventor of the product, we continue to engineer and improve GenieMat formulation with fantastic results. Pliteq has invested significant funds in engineering and testing new formulations that provide vastly improved performance for sound control in buildings. Pliteq has achieved industry best performance in both acoustical and structural performance. Pliteq

Team of Pliteq Engineers to present at Inter.Noise 2015

Pliteq and its army of engineering talent are presenting technical papers at Inter.Noise 2015. Technical paper topics include: – 16.04 Comparing the effect on impact sound transmission of common fire-rated components in wood-frame, open-web truss, multi-family construction– 16.08 Laboratory data examining impact and airborne sound attenuation in cross-laminated timber panel

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