Creating Peaceful Living Near Rail Lines: Ground-Borne Vibration Mitigation

As cities continue to grow at a vast rate, the need for accessible and reliable rail transit increases exponentially. This being said a commuter-friendly building can be a noisy one if it is built near a train station without consideration for the vibration generated by the rail line.

When buildings are in close proximity to a railway without any ground-borne vibration mitigation this can lead to:

  • Felt vibration in lower and mid-levels
  • Heard ground-borne noise
  • Unhappy tenants lead to increased turnover
GBV Image 1

GenieMat® GBV is a lateral isolation pad that is used to protect buildings by decoupling their foundations from the surrounding soil. Each product in the GenieMat GBV line is made of a specific composition of rubber particles assembled in a proprietary bonding procedure in order to withstand a wide operating load. Benefits of using the GenieMat GBV:

  • Excellent vibration isolation properties
  • Mold, bacteria, fungi, and water resistance 
  • Negligible shape factor impact 
  • Very low creep rate, and will never break down under operational load 
  • Easy to install
  • Happy tenants

It is key that before starting construction on new projects you have an expert acoustical consultant assess the property to ensure it meets the correct criteria to ensure there is effective vibration isolation.

GBV Table

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