Pliteq Next Generation Sound Control Formulation

As inventor of the product, we continue to engineer and improve GenieMat formulation with fantastic results.

Pliteq has invested significant funds in engineering and testing new formulations that provide vastly improved performance for sound control in buildings.

Pliteq has achieved industry best performance in both acoustical and structural performance. Pliteq systems are rated between light commercial and extra heavy per ASTM standard C627, and tested in over 600 assemblies.

CEO Paul Downey, inventor of 7 patents (with others pending) comments: “No other high performance systems achieve this level of acoustic isolation and structural integrity. With 20% more rubber in next generation Pliteq formulations, improved performance results in better value to the client.”

Continued investments in engineering and next generation polymer technologies, combined with world class testing regimes allow Pliteq to serve the needs of the global architectural acoustics market.

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