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What is Acoustic TesT Data?

Airborne and Impact acoustic test data is information on product performance.

The data can represent one product on its own or several materials combined. Material vs system performance. 

The performance shows the reduction in noise provided by either the material or the system.

What can acoustic test data be used for?

Acoustic test date can be used to the benefit of all stakeholders of a building project. It is not just for acoustic consultants. 

Using acoustic test data will empower decision making. Providing the whole design team with the confidence that the proposed standards and budget will be met. 

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Understanding Test Reports

Typical Airborne Test


Typical Impact Test


Make sure the tested structure is similar to your design

If your building is using 5-ply CLT, then relying on data which was tested on a 150mm concrete slab is not the best way forward. 

Always look for a like for like structure to what is being proposed. 

Make sure the tested flooring is the same or very similar to your deisgn

Are you installing engineered wood flooring? Then it is best to use a test which was conducted using that type of flooring as they all performance differently.

As a rule of thumb the more dense the flooring the worse the performance. 

1 page normally won't cut it!

Always request a full test report. If you are provided with 1 page with only the end performance result you could be missing valuable information on the other pages which could tell you whether the test is useful or not. 

Is the laboratory accredited?

It is wise only to accept or review test reports which are conducted in independent accredited laboratories. 

All laboratories have to be designed and constructed to meet ASTM/ISO standards. 

Check the test report for the accreditation. 

Field vs Laboratory Testing

Field testing should not be used for basis of design merely as guidance.

Field testing is specific to one building and the specific conditions of that building. There is no guarantees that the performance will match those of a different building. 

Field testing is sometimes used to show higher performance on marketing collateral . Always request a test report of the same system tested in a lab to corroborate the performance. 


Never accept a single number on marketing collateral

Always request the full test report so you can understand for yourself how that number was achieved. 

Is it too good to be true?

If you see test results which seem way above your requirements or above competitor data then it is probably too good to be true. 

Was the testing done recently?

Materials and their  weights have changed over time. Getting lighter and heavy in some cases. 

Double check if the materials properties of the tests still match the material properties in your design. 

What is EchoONE?

EchoOne is a free interactive acoustic test report database.  It includes:

Each project is unique and the partition wall and floor/ceiling structures are different from project to project. 

Finding and using a test report which matches or is very similar to your building design significantly reduces risk during construction phase. 

It also allows for accurate costing and if required value engineering.

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