Acoustic Flooring Underlay. What is it and Why Does It Exist?

At Pliteq, we manufacture and sell acoustic flooring underlay, but the truth of the matter is you may not need acoustic flooring underlay. You might be living in a condo with no acoustic regulation or designing/constructing a building a in location where there is no legislation which stipulates you must

Pliteq Assists NEHSA with Recycled Rubber Flooring Donation.

The New England Healing Sports Association (NEHSA) is based in Mount Sunapee, Newbury, NH and serves individuals and families through adaptive sports, promoting healing and accomplishment. The existing basement of the NEHSA facility houses both sports equipment and the locker room. The existing smooth concrete floor was cold, not forgiving

63% of Ontarians Don’t Know Tires Are Being Recycled

Car, truck and other automobile tires are being renewed at an unprecedented rate. In 2019 it was estimated that 3 billion tires were sold globally. But how many people know what happens after a tire reaches the end of its useful life as a tire!? Diverting anything away from landfill

Hoteliers Acoustic Design Guide

Noise disturbance in hotels is one of the most common complaints on review sites. Luxury design and aesthetic is important but can instantly be tarnished by poor acoustic design. This guide highlights potential areas of noise and vibration in hotels while providing a summary of how sound isolation products such

Sustainable Development Goals: Decoupling Economic Growth & Environmental Degradation

Are you actively choosing building products that reduce the impact on our environment? Innovation in recycling provides solutions for global architects and engineers to specify on projects which culminates in a less environmentally impactful built environment. Each product purchased from any company dedicated to recycling is a step towards a

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