5 Common Myths On Recycled Rubber Flooring That Will Shock You

5 Common Myths on Recycled Rubber Flooring That Will Shock You

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Recycled rubber has long been used as a way to help our environment and at the same time create products that can improve our daily lives. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! Recycled rubber comes mainly from disposed car tires that are no longer in need of use, and are then compiled together in a waste dump such as a landfill.

One common product that rubber waste is being used to create is flooring. Rubber floors require very minimal maintenance. Any type of spills and dirt can be cleaned off right away leaving no marks or stains, and germs and bacteria tend to find it very difficult to build and grow on the rubber material. Because of this, people with sever allergies to dust and other flooring related allergens will benefit from rubber flooring big time.

Another huge win for recycled rubber flooring is that it is largely resistant to to heat and moister damage, and overall wear and tear. Safe and comfy, rubber flooring is eco-friendly and highly practical.

So what are the 5 common myths regarding recycled rubber flooring?

1. It is ideal for garage flooring.

As mentioned previously above, recycled rubber flooring is very low maintenance and extremely durable and resistant to damage. However, it is not suitable for garage flooring because the rubber flooring is mainly constructed from rebonded rubber bits held together by a special type of glue, and any oil leak from the park vehicles will potentially break the adhesive bond of the glue between the rubber bits. To add on top, oil leak from the parked vehicles are also hard to clean off from rubber.

Another reason is that the rubber flooring can also buckle and rip under the car tiles, causing both the flooring and the tires to create a very strong grip.

However, recycled rubber flooring is an ideal choice for garage flooring if the garage is being used for other purposes that is not for car parking, such as storage space or a gym/workout area.

2. It is ideal for basketball court flooring.

There are two main reasons why recycled rubber flooring is not ideal for basketball activities. First off, basketball as a sport requires the players to constantly move in all directions, and constant switching of pace and speed. The rubber material will create too much traction with the bottom of the basketball shoes, which is severely limit the players’ movements. This can lead to minor and serious injuries and also bad overall game experience.

Secondly, the rubber material will also greatly decrease the bounce of the basketball. For ideal bounce, hard flooring like concrete or wood is recommended. Recycled rubber flooring may not be good for basketball courts, but they are certainly great and effective as an underlayment below surface flooring such as hard wood to decrease sound and vibration transmission.

3. Rubber material creates a strong odor.

This is partially true but not fully. Of course, recycled rubber flooring will produce more or less a tire odor since it is created from recycled tires. However, it also depends on how well the room is ventilated and how the flooring is treated. With a few cleansing sessions with soap and water, combined with a well ventilated area, the odor will decrease and eventually be gone within a few days.

4. Rubber and foam flooring are similar.

This is not true. Recycled rubber material, like mentioned above, is created with bonded recycled tire bits. That creates an incredibly dense, durable, and heavy weight material. In contract, foam is lightweight and cost a lot less to produce and buy.

5. Rubber flooring can help insulate.

Contrary to what a lot of people may think, the rubber material in recycled rubber flooring does not store heat and or help prevent heat from transmitting through. If someone were to install rubber tiles in a cold room, then the rubber tiles will also feel cold. Recycled rubber may not insulate against temperature, however they insulate very well against sound and vibration, as that is really their main purpose of use.

Overall, recycled rubber is a great material to use as it is both very practical and environmentally friendly. Even though it has been around for quite some time in the industry, there is still a lot of misunderstanding and misconception when it comes to the characteristics and uses of recycled rubber as flooring. We want to thank and show our appreciation to Restoration Master for being an informative source for this article.

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