About Pliteq®

Makers of GenieClip® and GenieMat® Products

Pliteq is a group of experienced engineers focused on developing high-performing, cost-effective acoustical products to ensure building code is met for sound transmission.

Innovative by design, simple to install, GenieClip and GenieMat are the trusted brands of architects, builders and acoustical consultants worldwide.

Featured Product - GenieClip RST

The GenieClip RST is a molded rubber and steel isolation clip used to control sound and is designed to:

 Pliteq GenieClip RST
US Patent Number 7,895,803
  • Significantly improve low frequency sound control performance
  • Substantially improve impact noise (IIC) and help stop sound through walls and floor/ceiling construction (STC)
  • Allow for thinner and even no resilient mat used in certain floor/ceiling assemblies
  • Substantially reduce costs and associated problems in wood truss floor/ceiling construction and still meet code for fire and sound control—great for apartment construction
  • Be fast and easy to install
  • No short-circuiting as is often the case with resilient channel

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